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WRaP EM meets CardMedic

Dr Rachael Grimaldi - Senior Anaesthetic Registrar; Co-founder and CEO, CardMedic 1. CardMedic is a multipurpose flexible digital communication tool. It looks to have been created out of a need for clear communication and the ability to connect with our critically unwell patients during COVID. How do you think the programme helps clinicians meet this need?  While on… Continue reading WRaP EM meets CardMedic


Out of the Office – Why we should all take a technology holiday.

By Melanie Rule Technology is a wonderful thing. It helps us with so many aspects of our personal and professional lives. We have smart phones, ipads, laptops and fitbits, all of which provide us with instant access to our emails, friends, digital memories, heart rates and step counts. Almost all the information that exists in… Continue reading Out of the Office – Why we should all take a technology holiday.


Transitioning to digital excellence

Foreword by Una Harrington The transition to Digital Hospital is currently being rolled out across Australian Emergency Departments. Our North Americans colleagues have been discussing for some time how the transition to Digital Care can cause frustration, loss of control and may possibly be a contributing factor in Physician Burnout. We cannot be like ostriches… Continue reading Transitioning to digital excellence