Wellness week 2022

The theme for Wellness Week 2022 is Reflect, Restore, Recover. 

It’s been a challenging and arduous two years. Our emergency departments and hospitals have worked tirelessly to provide the best care we can for our patients and to help our teams get through personal and occupational health challenges to which we never thought we would be exposed.  

So, this year we are encouraged to take the time to reflect, restore and begin our journey to recovery. 

That journey can and will feel full of twists and turns – like cycling up a steep mountainous incline one day and an easy stride on the flat the next. 

But we have to start somewhere. 

So, whether you’re going to take a baby step or a giant leap, let’s start the conversation of what Reflect, Restore and Recover can look like where you work today. 

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Resources and further info for Wellness Week activity will be launched soon.