Modules – user guide

Wellbeing, Resilience and Performance in Emergency Medicine (WRaP EM) Curriculum User Guide

In 2017, the WRaP EM Curriculum was developed by a diverse group of Australian Emergency Physicians. Over the few years, there has been further evolution and focus on staff wellbeing in healthcare education circles, around the world.

This updated curriculum aims to cover a broad range of wellbeing and performance related topics for all staff who work in heath. We hope to facilitate the delivery of interactive, non-didactic educational sessions, even if being delivered remotely via videoconference.

Given the varied nature of each WRaP EM topic, the approach to the learning objectives, content and suggested delivery of each module may vary greatly for each section of the WRaP curriculum.

The modules aim to provide a foundation for each educator lesson plan. Feel free to adapt the content as you see fit in your specific center’s and leaner’s needs.

We see WRaP EM as an ongoing project. Please let us know of any improvements or new topics you think would be of use to you where you work. You can email us, Tweet @wrapemtweet or find us on FaceBook.