Wellness - individual

Why I WraP EM – Charley McNabb

  I have a chronic condition. It’s called imposter syndrome. The only tribe of medicine that has ever extended group membership to me is the eclectic emergency physicians. Even with that, confidence and self-belief are issues that I have had to work on especially during Fellowship training. I had great supervisors, great peers and fantastic… Continue reading Why I WraP EM – Charley McNabb

Wellness - individual

Ways to Wellness – Dr Mike Cameron

  This year there has been an explosion of interest in maintaining the wellness of ourselves and our colleagues in Emergency Medicine. That interest is long overdue. As many have identified, wellness is the result of many influences including individual actions, organisational issues and collegiate support. For what it is worth, here is what I… Continue reading Ways to Wellness – Dr Mike Cameron

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Transitioning to digital excellence

Foreword by Una Harrington The transition to Digital Hospital is currently being rolled out across Australian Emergency Departments. Our North Americans colleagues have been discussing for some time how the transition to Digital Care can cause frustration, loss of control and may possibly be a contributing factor in Physician Burnout. We cannot be like ostriches… Continue reading Transitioning to digital excellence

Trainee perspectives

Managing conflict in the ED – a trainee perspective

By Dr Felicia Cox - ACEM trainee  Let’s be honest, if you work in the emergency department you’re not a stranger to conflict. With patients who present in physical or emotional distress, staff fatigued with erratic sleep cycles and empty stomachs, and a system that can be inflexible… interpersonal conflict in the workplace seems to… Continue reading Managing conflict in the ED – a trainee perspective