Trainee perspectives

Managing conflict in the ED – a trainee perspective

By Dr Felicia Cox - ACEM trainee  Let’s be honest, if you work in the emergency department you’re not a stranger to conflict. With patients who present in physical or emotional distress, staff fatigued with erratic sleep cycles and empty stomachs, and a system that can be inflexible… interpersonal conflict in the workplace seems to… Continue reading Managing conflict in the ED – a trainee perspective

Professionalism and performance

Intellectual spoke – 17/03/2018

By Suneth Jayasekara - Emergency Physician What is intellectual wellness? The term “Intellectual wellness” recognises the contribution that being intellectually stimulated makes towards an individual’s state of wellbeing. As human beings, our intellect is our biggest strength. It is in our nature to enjoy intellectual stimulation, and is part of the reason for the success… Continue reading Intellectual spoke – 17/03/2018

Trainee perspectives

Intellectual spoke – trainee perspective – 17/03/2018

By Anna Davenport - Emergency Medicine Trainee The Intellectual Spoke - The Multiple Intelligences of Emergency Medicine Intelligence. It means a lot of different things to different people, vocations and cultures. In medicine, intelligence has historically been thought of as memory recall, the retention of facts so that they can be drawn upon and rapidly applied.… Continue reading Intellectual spoke – trainee perspective – 17/03/2018

Wellness - individual

Financial spoke – 14/03/2018

By Alex Markwell and Ashwini Amaratunga   Executive summary Live within your means - this could mean living like a registrar especially when you become a new consultant Extras are important - private indemnity insurance (i.e. you are a member of a medical defence organization such as MDA National or Avant); income protection insurance; salary… Continue reading Financial spoke – 14/03/2018