“How to” – Brain breaks


How to ‘Brain Breaks’


There are a number of times in our daily ED practice where we need to stop and wait for 30-60 seconds for an important test result.

Two examples of this include whilst awaiting a Blood Gas result or a Urinalysis result.

At Wrap EM, we see this as an opportunity.

In this ‘WRaP EM How to Guide’, we explore the resources to help your Department to embed mindfulness practice at your Blood Gas and Urinalysis machines.

In essence, turning a pre-existing obligatory pause, into a ‘Brain Break’.

This isn’t an exhaustive list of potential brain breaks – there might be another opportunity for your staff where you work to pause and reflect.

Let us know at wrapem.org where your workplace finds their Brain Break opportunity.

Step Wise Guide

  1. Down Load Generic Brain Breaks from this website
  2. Customise your Brian Breaks to your site
  3. Print (A3 works well), laminate and place on the wall behind the testing area


QE2 blood gas brain break
Blood gas brain break in situ at Queen Elizabeth II Hospital

Download Blood Gas Brain Break – Generic – here!

Download Urinalysis Brain Break – Generic – here!