This page is focused on WRaP EM resources and an evolving list of recommended reading and listening for the individual and your departments, that may help as part of a wellbeing plan, in this era of COVID.

We are in no way saying, that these resources are a ‘fix’ for what COVID has brought and continues to bring, to our lives – the physical and emotional toll of PPE ( or lack there-of); the issues with work force and staffing with ever evolving sick leave of our dear colleagues; the cost is human life and loss of health of our patients, fellow workers, our family and friends.

Perhaps, though, in a small way, it might help in a small way to help you and your workplaces find a way through 2020 and beyond.

*This is a rapidly changing resource pool – if you have any suggestions, please send us an email to  or tweet or DM  us @wrapemtweet



Make a COVID Wellbeing Plan


Poster – COVID Wellbeing Posters for your Department


Resource list – WRaP EMs Resource list for wellbeing during a pandemic


Podcast – Staff Wellbeing during COVID – Part 1


Podcast – Staff Wellbeing during COVID – Part 2



Specific focus on psychological wellbeing and performance

 Understanding how human factors affect teams and safety during COVID 19


Anxiety – How do I switch off the noise


Innovation in Critical Care during the times of COVID


St Emlyn’s

Understanding fear and anxiety during COVID


Pandemic Kindness


The Schwartz Centre

Caring for yourself and others during COVID


*This is a rapidly changing resource pool– if you have any suggestions or comments, please send us an email to