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A diabetes diagnosis – defining a new normal

By Josh Lock What would you do if you started to show symptoms almost pathognomonic of a disease? The typical ‘Aussie male’ response is to ignore it and hope that it just goes away. This was the position I found myself in almost 18 months ago. I had recently become a first time Dad and… Continue reading A diabetes diagnosis – defining a new normal

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Transitioning from resident to registrar in the ED – 6 top tips – By Claire Mitchell

    There is no such thing as a perfect transition from resident to registrar. It is one of the scariest big jumps on the escalator (or treadmill) of medical career progression; a sudden leap in responsibility in which some thrive, and some flounder. Here are my 6 top tips to make it easier. Be… Continue reading Transitioning from resident to registrar in the ED – 6 top tips – By Claire Mitchell

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“The Best ED in the World” – Forgive Me -By Dan Pitt

  Forgive me ACEM for I have sinned. It has been four hours since my patient arrived and a breach is inevitable. Oh, and I’ve never confessed before. But I need to now. I need to confess that I have been tempted by another. I have faced seduction by a calmer specialty. By the promise… Continue reading “The Best ED in the World” – Forgive Me -By Dan Pitt

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Managing conflict in the ED – a trainee perspective

By Dr Felicia Cox - ACEM trainee  Let’s be honest, if you work in the emergency department you’re not a stranger to conflict. With patients who present in physical or emotional distress, staff fatigued with erratic sleep cycles and empty stomachs, and a system that can be inflexible… interpersonal conflict in the workplace seems to… Continue reading Managing conflict in the ED – a trainee perspective

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Intellectual spoke – trainee perspective – 17/03/2018

By Anna Davenport - Emergency Medicine Trainee The Intellectual Spoke - The Multiple Intelligences of Emergency Medicine Intelligence. It means a lot of different things to different people, vocations and cultures. In medicine, intelligence has historically been thought of as memory recall, the retention of facts so that they can be drawn upon and rapidly applied.… Continue reading Intellectual spoke – trainee perspective – 17/03/2018

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Social spoke – trainee perspective

By Sophie Brock - Emergency Medicine Trainee I was unsurprised to learn that recent studies have revealed that almost half of practicing physicians find medical practice very or extremely stressful1 and almost half are in the advanced stages of burnout2. What can we do to ensure that we as individuals do not fall prey to these… Continue reading Social spoke – trainee perspective

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Emotional spoke – trainee perspective 12/03/2018

By Dan Pitt - Emergency Medicine Trainee Emotional Overload We’ve all been there. The dead of night. Ten names still on the screen, their wait times ticking ever closer to the four-hour mark. Patients or relatives who have been waiting the longest stand, if they can, at their cubicle entrance, staring, eyebrows pulled together, attempting to… Continue reading Emotional spoke – trainee perspective 12/03/2018

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Occupational spoke – trainee perspective – 11/03/2018

By Matt Klan - Emergency Medicine Trainee   Still better than dentistry – a trainee’s perspective on enjoying ED My first resus shift was about 3 weeks into my ED term, which was my first term as an intern. Around midday, before the evening staff had come to bolster the line, a patient rolled in… Continue reading Occupational spoke – trainee perspective – 11/03/2018