Podcast – Part 2 of Staff Wellbeing in the COVID-19 era

In this episode we discuss tips for maintaining individual wellbeing in the face of COVID-19, how to support our colleagues overcome the stress and anxiety generated by this pandemic and how to tackle that sense of loss autonomy that we all feel to some degree in the context of this pandemic.

Some take home points:

– Top tips for maintaining individual wellbeing and supporting colleagues

  • Acknowledge discomfort
  • Identify areas of concern within your circle of control, and make plans on how to address these concerns
  • Find strategies to manage and filter the information you consume
  • Be deliberate and overt about creating boundaries
  • Share vulnerability
  • Find innovative ways to maintain connection with colleagues, friends and family
  • Be mindful of the language you use – clear communication is even more important than normal in these times
  • Be aware of how stress manifests in yourself and put in place strategies to manage them
  • Be aware that stress manifests differently in different people. Try and empathise
  • Be kind to yourself , your colleagues and your patients – this is tough on everyone!


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