Anna Bowen

Anna Bowen picture
Dr Anna Bowen – Emergency Trainee

Anna is an emergency medicine registrar at Sunshine Coast University Hospital. She moved to the Sunshine Coast a year ago following four years working in ED in Townsville. Before this she completed her junior years and medical school in the north of England, from where she comes.  Her first degree was in Neuroscience and Japanese. She spent a few years living in Japan, a place for which she still has a deep love. She and her partner moved to Australia together five years ago with nothing but two back packs, having sold all their possessions as well the boat on which they lived! They now have two children, two big dogs and a house full of stuff!

In her spare time, Anna loves being outdoors with her family. She likes rock climbing, mountain biking and trying to stand up on a surf board.

Within medicine, she is passionate about a number of things, including improving staff wellness and fostering a supportive working culture into which to welcome junior doctors. She feels very fortunate to work in a place with a great wellness culture, and she looks forward to becoming involved in this again upon her return from maternity leave.