Occupational spoke

The occupational spoke of the wellness wheel aims to focus on the positive aspects of our work in Emergency Medicine. No job is perfect, but it is not good for our wellbeing to constantly dwell on negative aspects of the job. There are plenty of great reasons why we work in Emergency Medicine. Sometimes we just need to actively remind ourselves what these are.

Personal – Remind yourself why you chose Emergency Medicine as a career. What are the things that you enjoy about your work? What brings you satisfaction? Are you realistic about the challenges of the job or do you let this overwhelm you? What strategies can you use to sustain yourself in this career until retirement?

Organisational – What makes a great workplace? Do you feel well supported at work? Does your department support staff wellbeing through flexible rostering? What can your organisation do to help its staff have a sustainable career?

The occupational spoke post from 2018 wellness week

The occupational spoke trainee perspective from 2018 wellness week


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