Social spoke

You’ll get by with a little help from your friends! This statement is as true in everyday life – and in an Emergency Department – as when sung by musical superstars! Developing and maintaining supportive relationships with those at home and at work enhances social wellness.

Three take-home messages:

  1. Healthcare is a team sport. Maintaining strong personal and professional relationships are vital contributors to wellness and career-sustainability in Emergency Medicine (EM). The nature of EM is that the fast-paced, high-demand, high-stakes environment puts pressure on interpersonal interactions, whether within the Emergency Department or between EM workers and inpatient or outpatient colleagues.
  2. Interpersonal dynamics, interactions and relationship are determined by individual and team/department factors.  The latter are often referred to as “the culture” of a workplace – how things are done around here.
  3. Recognise that, as an individual, one can influence the social environment around them. Examples include: maintaining high professional standards (courtesy, integrity towards others), being curious about your workmates and what makes them tick, and simply being kind.

The social spoke post from 2018 wellness week

The social spoke trainee perspective from 2018 wellness week


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