Caroline Macari

Caroline Macari headshot
Dr Caroline Macari – Emergency Physician

Dr Caroline Macari is an Emergency Physician working in Sydney at Liverpool Hospital. She is also delighted to work as an Aeromedical Physician for CareFlight NSW.

She needs to be constantly entertained and loves nothing more than hanging out with friends in beautiful places and doing fun activities. She recently completed a Diploma In Mountain Medicine in New Mexico, USA – which she has no idea what she will do with.

She also loves sitting at home with her cats and partner in the air con, so she can drink tea even when it’s 40 degrees outside. She wants to help make emergency and aeromedicine better environments for our souls but isn’t sure how to tackle it. She is hoping to find a way.

She remains inspired by the legacy of her brother, Martin, in whose memory was founded a program to enable children’s access to sport in Scotland: