Natasha Yates

Dr Natasha Yates

Natasha Yates (MBBS, FRACGP, PhD Candidate) is the deputy lead of General Practice at Bond University, Gold Coast, Australia. 
As a practicing clinician and passionate medical educator, she has her fingers on the pulse of what matters to her community, and is frequently called upon to translate medical knowledge into everyday language.

True to General Practice in the Australian context, her clinical practice spans from ‘womb to tomb’. As well as teaching General Practice at Bond University, she teaches Clinical Reasoning and critical thinking. Her PhD is in area of teaching and learning Non-Technical Skills with a focus on the use of Simulation.

Natasha is also the mother of four school aged children. She loves to see children fall in love with reading, and her first children’s novel ‘Rina’s Story’ is currently a finalist in the American Book Excellence Awards 2021. It is sold to raise funds to support child literacy in Mozambique (see ).