Shahina Braganza

Shahina Braganza
Dr. Shahina Braganza – Emergency Physician, Gold Coast Health Service @shahinabraganza

Shahina Braganza is a senior Emergency Medicine doctor working in the public health service in Queensland, Australia. She has previously also been a Director of Clinical Training, supporting hospital-wide junior doctors.

She is passionate about “non-technical” skills in medicine and has a particular interest in professionalism, communication and emotional situational awareness. Her work will be done when such skills and attributes are no longer considered optional extras, but as core qualities demanded by the healthcare profession.

She also has a keen interest in wellbeing, resilience and balance. She is outspoken about sharing stories of vulnerability, imperfection and courage.

Her portfolio in the Emergency Department includes coordinating inter-professional education, emergency-mental health service liaison, various commitments with the Australasian College of Emergency Medicine, and the oneED wellness program.

She has discovered a penchant for writing about her experiences, observations and reflections. Her pieces have been recognised for their ability to resonate with healthcare workers and community members alike. Read her publications.

You can follow her on Twitter @ShahinaBraganzaLinkedIn and her blog.