WRaP EM Coach and Connect

What is WRaP EM Coach and Connect?

The theme for Wellness Week 2021 is Connection and Belonging. So this August, in the lead in to Wellness Week 2021, the WRaP EM team are offering you the opportunity to connect with a member of our team and discuss the wellbeing strategy in your department.

Who could apply ?

Anyone who works in an emergency department who want to talk about Departmental Level Wellbeing strategy. – directors, DEMTs, Trainee reps, Wellness Coordinators/directors, wellness champions or any FACEM, trainee, nurse or ED allied health staff member. 

How will it work?

Members of WRAPEM team will be available to connect via Zoom (or even face to face if pragmatic) with any department (Australia and NZ vs local/regional) for 15 minutes of wellness coaching and discussion.

2 possible formats on, offer

  1. 15-minute presentation on selected topic.  Target department would select from a menu of 2 topics.  
  1. Why is Wellness important in the ED and some simple ways to get started
  2. Optimising Leadership (Executive and local leader) buy in
  • 15-minute freeform Q + A.  Please nominate 1-2 concepts that you wish to discuss prior to the session.

How can I register interest?

Please register your interest by emailing wrapemcomms@gmail.com by the 30th of July and we will be in touch with more details and a plan for how we might connect.