Podcast – compassion, cognition and complex decision making – with Dr Fiona Kerr

In this podcast recorded at the 2019 Annual Scientific Meeting of the Australasian College of Emergency Medicine. Alex Markwell interviews key note speaker Dr Fiona Kerr (http://www.fiona-kerr.com). Fiona is the founder of The NeuroTech Institute (https://www.theneurotechinstitute.com). They discuss how the neuropsychology of health care professionals affects their ability to provide patient care. They discuss factors that impact our ability to make complex decisions, in particular the effect of human connections. Fiona highlights the importance of cultivating Empathy, Compassion and Agency for optimal function in our roles as healthcare professionals. Its a fascinating insight into the neuroscience behind what we do every day and how we can nurture behaviours that will result in more sustainable careers and the provision of better patient care.

Listen to the podcast here!


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