Podcast – Connection and Belonging – Part 1 – what does it mean in our workplaces?

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By Ashwini Amaratunga, Shahina Braganza, Charley Greentree and Una Harrington

This is part 1 of a 2 part podcast series, where I have the pleasure of discussing these concepts with some of the WRaPEM team. In part 1 we discuss what connection and belonging mean to us at work and what it looks like.

Ashwini refers to Maslow’s Hierachy of needs in the introduction, here is a pictorial depiction from http://www.professionalacademy.com

Shahina refers to the Wellness-Professionalism-Perfromance model:

This model of ’translational wellness’ illustrates how wellness is a core attribute for performance, at individual and team level.

Performance (especially in healthcare) is typically considered in technical and non-technical terms. The former may refer to diagnostic ability, case synthesis and procedural skill. The latter may include communication, leadership and team work – attributes of professionalism.

It is postulated that enhanced wellness promotes professionalism, perhaps via self awareness and emotional regulation.

Wellness can promote performance directly via increased attention focus (eg conducting a high-stakes task like emergency airway management) or situational awareness (eg. team leading in a critical resuscitation case).

Bidirectional relationships exist (green arrows) whereby good performance and working in a functional team can positively reinforce a sense of wellness.

Explore this concept further at https://shahinabraganza.com/blog/wellness/translational-wellness/

We will discuss how to create these connections and a sense of belonging in Part 2 of this podcast which we will release in the next month.

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