Wellness - individual

Q&A with Toni-Ann Taylor

Toni-Ann Taylor – Clinical Nurse with Mental Health portfolio – Gold Coast University Hospital ED

1. Would you say you pay attention to your Wellness? (Please elaborate)

Not always. When on shift I put my team first, making sure they have had their breaks before my own, checking in on them and attending to debriefs, if required.

When not at work I try! I try to take time out to walk the dog, “zone out” or read a book. It’s important for self care, so I meditate daily where possible, attend yoga and get back to nature.

2. What is your experience of how your wellness at work translates into how you do your job?

I’m a true believer in “if you love what you do, you’ll never work a day in your life”. I love my job. It’s a job where you need to love it, otherwise I feel those around you suffer. Be positive, happy, accept challenges and be passionate.  This will be reflected in the role you do.

3. Do you think you can tell when your teammates are well (or unwell)? How does this affect the service you deliver as a team? How does it affect your enjoyment of your shift?

You can definitely tell when the team or a team member is unwell because it affects everyone around them. This is often seen when staff are burnt out, tired or just broken. When staff morale is good and the team is good (well) it doesn’t matter what’s happening around them! 

4. Can you give us one idea of something you have done at work (or would like to do) to promote staff wellness in any way?

•Fairy Floss Friday!! [on the first Friday of February each year]

• I once brought in a massive bag of minties after we had had a bad night shift the night before. I told the team to take some for themselves and the person handing over to them – “for moments like these”. 😂 Staff on the shift receiving them at handover hadn’t had a break and were so thankful!

•I’ve made the team get up and dance prior to a shift – just for fun. 

•Telling jokes at the start of shift, instead of telling staff coming on how busy and awful it is! Laughter is the best medicine.

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