Podcasts, Professionalism and performance

Podcast – Wellness and performance – an introduction to the relationship

Featuring Dr Una Harrington, Dr Melanie Rule and Dr Shahina Braganza

This is the first of a number of podcasts that we have created in preparation for Wellness Week 2019, which starts on the 7th of April. We at WRaP EM have collaborated with ACEM, ACEP in the USA and multiple other countries worldwide to celebrate WW 2019. This year for Wellness Week, WRaP EM aims to evolve the conversation beyond the individual. There is now increasing evidence to suggest that the main factors contributing towards burnout in physicians and nurses lie at the interface where the individual physician and health organization connect. We also want to put the focus on the “P” in WRaP, and we also want to consider performance at an organisational level.

To that end in this podcast Dr Una Harrington the founder and leader of WRaP EM chats to Dr  Shahina Braganza and Dr Melanie Rule about how wellness relates to performance.

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