Wellness - organisational

“The Best ED in the World”


Every Emergency Department (ED) has its own unique personality. Many have an enviable reputation for being great places to work but it can be difficult to define exactly what makes a place great. Each workplace has its own strengths and challenges that are uniquely defined not just by the staff who work there, but by the patients that attend and the whole hospital of which it is a part.

So what would “The Best ED in the World” look like? It will likely look different for each of us based on our own individual likes and dislikes about the job, our values, our priorities, our personal preferences for aspects of the team and workplace. However, there are likely to be many common points that would be on many of our lists.

In the lead up to Wellness Week 2019 we have asked a number of ED staff to tell us what “The Best ED” would look like for them. Follow us on WRAP EM over the coming week to hear from Emergency medical and nursing staff, ED trainees and ACEM President Simon Judkins about what makes “The Best ED in the World”.

We hope that by better defining this lofty goal, we can aspire to achieve this as a profession, or perhaps at least motivate each of us as individuals, to try to make our own ED the best version of itself that it can be.

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